Surf Lessons - Intermediate Level (Level 2)

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Surf Lessons - Intermediate Level (Level 2)


What is an intermediate surfer?

An intermediate surfer is a surfer who knows the basics of surfing, like paddling, take-off and can ride cleanly across the wave's open face. Sometimes, and after moving forward from those big boards, intermediate surfers feel they are stuck somewhere in their progression curve. Guess what? We can help you with that!

Dr Bernard Surf Level 2 is perfect and efficient for your surfing progression! Our coaches will analyse your technique and will make sure no bad habits will get in your way! So yes, you can start dream about that Maldives surf trip!!!!

We have packs and membership services for you and your surf mates:

Single session (Group lesson)

Single session (One-to-One lesson)

Packs one-to-one (Your own Surf Coach)

Packs (Group lesson)

Monthly subscription

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