Your satisfaction and pleasant experience in Costa de Caparica is our top priority! We are dedicated to provide you the best surfboard rental service, and we will go the extra mile to ensure it.

You just arrive at the your local spot and guess what? Waves are pumpin' but no surfboard or wetsuit..... Enought of akward moments, we have the solution for you. Rentals! 

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WARNING: Check the surf report available in your area before you head down, or call us for up to date swell info. Usually it’s safe but pay attention to your limits, knowledge and don’t play with your life!

Where is your surf center located? We're located in Costa de Caparica, Praia do CDS. Our center front is open from 9.00 am to 6.00pm, therefore you can visit.

Do I need to be there for delivery & pickup? Yes, we ask you to be present at the delivery time so we can instruct you and have you sign the rental release agreement. We also ask you to be present for pick-up.

Where can I store my stuff? In our facilities so don't worry.

Do I need to book my rental ahead of time? We always recommend booking ahead of time, especially during high seasons. We work on a first come first served basis. Booking ahead will ensure availability and probability for accommodating your personal needs.

Can I switch boards during my rental? We always try to accommodate any request that you might have, we want you to feel happy with your gear. If you let us know the board is not the right fit we will find a way to get you on a board that is more suitable for your personal needs.

What happens if I damage my board? Don’t worry, dings happen. Please let us know as soon as you suspect any damage that can allow water into the board. Cosmetic issues are less important but on the occasion that your board gets a crack or gouge please let us know, we will replace the the board and ask you to cover the cost of the repair (average ding repairs are between 50€-150€).

What happens if my board gets snapped in half? Unfortunately we do have to charge for broken, damaged or lost items, so please surf within your ability. We are not looking to profit from your misfortune, we just need to cover the cost to fix or replace the item.