Erasmus Life Lisbon

Erasmus Life Lisbon

Hey surfers!

Dr Bernard Surf Center is here to help you out catching your first wave! We want to give you the opportunity to try and live the full experience of the surfing lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Let's go surf!

We are located in @CAPARICA, the largest surf town in Portugal and we have been around for awhile now, so you can count with amazing certified teachers, very good facilities with hot showers and lots of fun!

So if you want to book a surf class register below! 

Please notice if you register for the surf class, we will be counting on you, so please do not miss the class.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How to go to the Surf School in Caparica? Take bus 161 at Areeiro (near Areeiro metro station) to Caparica and then walk over 10 minutes. This trip will take you over 45 minutes. Find Dr Bernard Beach Bar.

What is the address of the Surf School?
UNDER the Dr Bernard Restaurant
Contact: 21 291 1045

How much is a surf class?
With Erasmus Life Lisboa card is 12,5€ during the week and 15€ on weekends. In case you have friends visiting, the class is 25€ without the card.

What is included in the price?
The price includes a surf lesson with a certified teacher, the wetsuit, the surfboard and insurance. Please note that following the DGS safety rules, the use of the school's facilities, including changing rooms, is not allowed.

How much is the bus ticket? 5,50€ if you buy the ticket at the office in Areeiro (you can also buy the ticket on the bus but it is going to be more expensive). You can reach Costa da Caparica with the monthly ticket Navegante Metropolitano (40€) as well, so you do not have to buy an other ticket for this trip if you have this type.